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Shorts Gray

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Shorts Gray. Wears super good, for you to train beautiful and comfortable.

S – wears from 34 to 36
U – wears from 36 to 38
M – wears from 38 to 42

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Product Description

Made in Brazil and distributed throughout Europe!

High-tech practical and modern fabric, which gives the piece the following advantages: lightness, softness, comfort, durability, modern look, quick drying, does not knead, does not lose its color, does not lose elasticity.

Fabric Authentic® AVERAGE COMPRESSION - Santa Constância

Composition 92% Polyamide (AMNI®) and 8% Elastane (LYCRA®).

Light® is a registered trademark of Santa Constância Tecelagem S.A.

Amni® is a leading brand of Solvay Group 6.6 polyamide textile threads.

LYCRA® thread is a synthetic elastane thread. It is never used alone, but always mixed with other threads; has unmatched recovery properties and elasticity.

LYCRA® thread adds comfort, cut, shape retention, durability and freedom of movement.

This is achieved thanks to the unique characteristics of the thread that can be stretched up to seven times its initial length before returning to the original position once the tension is released.


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